Dante, n, the young man shown here.
Vilification, n, to defame, slander, and/or abuse.
Randal, n, the young man shown here.
Syntax, n, the part of grammar that treats of the construction of sentences and the relationship of words to another in a sentence.
Vagary, n, a whim, fanciful turn of the mind, a wild notion.
Purgation, n, the act of cleansing, as of physical impurities, or clearing as of guilt.
Malaise, n, a feeling of bodily discomfort, a sense of depression or unease.
Harbinger, n, a forerunner or messenger.
Perspicacity, n, acuteness of mental vision, quick, clear, and understanding.
Paradigm, n, one that serves as a pattern or model.
Whimsy, n, having a humorous quirk, quaint.
Quandary, n, a state of difficulty or perplexity.
Lamentation, n, deplore, sorrow.
Juxtaposition, n, the act of placing side by side or state of being so placed.
Catharsis, n, a release of emotional tension, as after an overwhelming experience.
Denouement, n, the outcome of a plot or any complicated situation.